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Life in the 21st century moves fast. And we’re all becoming much more literate about how to look after our bodies as we’re assailed by hectic schedules, the temptation of poor food choices, sedentary lifestyles, etc. We’re familiar now with the 5-a-day headline and the magic ways of kale, but there’s something crucial missing from the conversation: a healthy body means nothing without a healthy mind.

More than just a healthy eatery, Yeotown Kitchen aims to nourish both body and mind. Set in an inviting and uplifting environment, the space provides a welcome respite from the demands of city life and is a sanctuary conducive to cultivating optimum wellbeing.

Alongside a thoughtfully created food and drinks menu, the space includes our “Meditation Station” with complimentary mood-boosting meditation pods to nurture the spirit. Our dedicated team in our scratch kitchen work hard every day to prepare a fresh selection of delicious salads, bowls, wraps, paninis, juices, cookies, treats and sweets free from gluten, refined sugars and dairy. Click on the picture to read all about our mindfully sourced menu straight from the Yeotown scratch kitchen.

This February the Yeotown Kitchen special guest Meditator of the Month is none other than Yeotown’s  own Molly Robertson! Known for her highly intuitive Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, global wellbeing retreats,  inspirational YouTube videos and meditations, this author and expert Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher has recorded a soul inspiring 5 minute guided meditation especially for the Yeotown Kitchen Meditation Station. Come on in, grab an adaptogenic latte and pop into on of our pods today to de-stress, recharge and be inspired by Molly’s soothing voice and encouraging words.

Yeotown Kitchen is excited to collaborate with lululemon athletica Marylebone on a special limited edition “LULULEMON-AIDE”. This deliciously fragrant immunity tonic is loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and beta carotene to give both your body & mind a much needed winter boost! With every tonic purchased receive a special voucher for 20% off at the lululemon Marylebone store. Available only through February so come on down today!

Here you will be educated on how to achieve and maintain your highest potential for overall physical fitness, mental health and spiritual wellbeing. We encourage a lifestyle filled with balance, confidence, movement and positive energy, and consumption of sensible, nutrient dense, wholesome, real foods.

Feeding your amazing employees, customers or friends? Why not help to encourage optimum wellbeing by offering them an array of our clarifying tonics, juices and delicious nutrient-rich foods alongside our selection of refined sugar free desserts from our scratch kitchen.

7:30am – 9pm Monday – Friday
9-6pm Saturday
9-5pm Sunday

Yeotown Kitchen
40 – 42 Chiltern Street
London W1U 7QN
Tel: +44 (0) 207 935 4085

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Feeding your amazing employees? Let us provide a super tasty spread.

10A – 9P DAILY

Yeotown Kitchen
40 – 42 Chiltern Street
London W1U 7QN

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