Mother’s Day… Sunday 11th March 2018

Nothing says ‘I love you Mum‘ more than a coffee and a cake! Pop into Yeotown Kitchen on Sunday 11th March for a slice of our ‘Forever Young’ Chocolate Raw Cheesecake and a special adaptogenic medicinal mushroom latte!

According to the 2018 Wellness Trends, from Global Wellness Summit, mushrooms contain polysaccharides and betaglucans that jumpstart the immune system; they’re a massive natural source of Vitamin D; they stabilize blood sugar and fight inflammation. And some varietals, like reishi, cordyceps, chaga, lion’s mane and maitake, are adaptogens, which means that they have a unique power to help our bodies resist the biological, chemical and emotional stressors that attack us every single day.

If you fancy something more savoury, order a ‘Mezze Platter’ to share – a plate of lemon hummus, sunflower pate, wasabi dip and homemade house kimchi with Yeotown crackers and farmers market crudités – followed by ‘Bounce Back Burger’ or ‘Courage Bowl’ – both are vegan and packed full of flavour. Add a dash of our ‘Happy Hot Sauce’ for a fiery kick!

Afterwards, treat mum to a 5 minute chill-out in one of our custom-made meditation pods downstairs.





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